Finding and purchasing a vehicle to suit your needs and budget needn’t be a stressful business. Certainly purchasing from an experienced licensed mechanic makes sense. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the lot at Hank the Mechanic, why not have Hank buy a vehicle at a Dealer Only Auction for you? Hank is a Licensed Auction Dealer, and can work with you to find the right vehicle, with the options you want, tailored to your budget. It’s a custom purchase, suited to your needs.

How does it work?

We wouldn’t over simplify purchasing an Auction Vehicle and say it’s as easy as 1 2 3, but here is a brief breakdown in, yes, three steps:

  1. Come in and talk to Hank about what you need in a vehicle. Talk about make, model, options, even your favorite color. If you aren’t sure which is best to suit your needs, he’ll make some recommendations. And of course talk about budget. Hank will talk you through the whole process step by step.
  2. As a Licensed Auction Dealer, Hank buys vehicles at reputable Auctions. He will do the research to find your car. He has access to vehicle history, Carproof and Condition Reports. When you are ready, make a deposit (fully refundable) and Hank is ready to Custom Purchase the right vehicle for you.
  3. After doing the research, and hand picking the vehicle that meets Hank’s high standards, he has it transported to the Hank the Mechanic Garage. It’s cleaned and fully Inspected. Hank stands behind his cars and offers a whole year of hassle free service.


Please contact Front Desk.

Our 3-Step Auction Solution